Thursday, September 10, 2015

Let's Get Together - Community Gardens

Unlike in England, we don't seem to have allotments in Oz, at least I've never seen any, do tell if you know of any. But what we do have are Community Gardens. 

Community Gardens seem to have taken off in the  last few years. Local councils have been generous and donated various pieces of land. My own community garden was once tennis courts. They are a great asset as they provide those who do not have a garden of their own, or one not big enough or with the right conditions to grow fresh vegetables or flowers, with the opportunity to have a small plot to do just this, set in nice surroundings within built up areas.

But community gardens are not just for those without the facility to grow vegetables at home, they are also for people like me who have a veggie garden of our own, to have the opportunity to garden with others.

The great thing about these community gardens is that they provide you with companionship and the ability to share ones knowledge and learn from others. There are working bees held regularly, where members come along and help keep the general garden in good shape. It's a chance to chat with others over a cuppa and morning tea and to form friendships based on a shared interest—gardening.

There are social events for those who wish to participate and also speakers are engaged to come and talk on topics of interest. I believe my own community garden recently had a speaker on bee keeping. I would have loved to have heard this one, but unfortunately I couldn't go.

The garden I'm a member of is called Joy of the Earth and is now in its third year of being. Let me take you for a little tour around it.

This is the Rotunda and provides seating for that morning cuppa I spoke about and also shelter when it rains. 

Say hello to one of the characters that can be seen around the garden.

This is my plot within the garden, and I have to say everything is doing very well.

In the garden we have a greenhouse for the members use. There is an automatic sprinkling system installed to make watering easier for those who are growing things in it.

A small boxed orchard was set up last year, and the trees planted are doing very well. This photo I took during the winter months, so the trees are bare, but come blossom time they should look a treat!

There's sculpture in the best garden tradition ^_^

And of course there is a compost system which comprises of a three bed cold system. 

Housed next to it is our very productive worm farm, that supplies all the gardeners with that liquid magic called worm wee. 

Around the edges are beds planted with flowers, citrus trees and native plants, giving the whole garden a restful feel to it. 

We're the first community garden, I believe, in our area to have a wheelchair garden built by local college students as a project. 

Also we are a wheelchair friendly garden with access made easy to reach the lower half of the garden. 

And just to finish off your tour here are a few other views around the garden. 

So if you love to garden but would also like to have the companionship of other gardeners, why not check out your own local community garden.   

 Happy Gardening!

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