Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sunflowers Make One Smile!

Nothing spells summer like Sunflowers. Big or little their golden heads look up towards the sun and brighten the day of anyone who looks upon them.

One of the easiest flowers to grow, every garden should have at least one variety of sunflower. They range from small enough to grow in containers to enormous enough to be a considered a giant!

Photo by Helen
I grow some every year and am partial to the small variety called Sunsation. They flower earlier in the season and their sunny heads are a welcome sight in my backyard. 

These little beauties work well in a good size pot. Just give them a good quality potting mix and a little love and attention and they will perform for you over the next few weeks.

You can plant the seeds direct into the soil or like me grow them in punnets first to plant out later. If growing direct into the garden know that they will survive in most soils but of course the better the soil is, the better the performance of the plant. 

Photo by Helen
The one thing sunflowers don't like, is to have wet feet, so it's good to make sure that your soil is free draining. Other than that they don't need too much attention.  Just regular watering, especially during very hot weather. Although these babies are fairly tough and will stand up to dryer conditions.
Photo by Helen

If you are going to grow the tall varieties, then of course you must put into place some sort of support for them.

Now having already said that they will grow in most soils, the poorer your soil the smaller the flowers may well be. If you put a bit of effort into preparing your soil and making sure you're giving them a good start, then they should reward you with lovely big blooms.

So whatever size your garden is, you should have space for one sort of sunflower. Go on plant yourself some sunshine this summer!

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