Sunday, September 4, 2016

Time to Choose Those Tomatoes!

Photo by Helen

It's that time of the year where you sit down and try to decide which variety of tomatoes you want to grow for this year. I find myself searching through my catalogs and looking for new heirloom varieties that may have been discovered. I love reading about their different colours, textures and flavours.

Each year I tell myself that I'm only going to grow a couple of so plants,  but choosing is always so hard!  

Now this season I have got myself a heated propagator which should help ensure a better ratio of germination, as it will keep the seed trays at a constant low heat, warming the soil and encouraging those little seeds to sprout.

Previous years I have placed my seed trays over the heating vents. My tips on growing tomatoes, capsicums and egg plants can be found here:Ready Steady Sow

One of my must for the garden for reliability is the tomato called Money Maker. I've been growing this variety for years. It produces a heavy crop of medium sized tomatoes. I must have at least two of these!  And a another red tomato that I have tried before and loved is Granny's Throwing Tomato, a beefsteak variety. 

In the yellow varieties I have chosen two cherry types, one called Lemon Drop, little zesty bites of deliciousness and one called Yellow Pear.

Moving onto black, I grew for the first time last year Black Cherry. This is also on my list for this year with its dark sweet juicy flesh that resembles large cherries. A new variety I added this year, although I believe it's been around a long time, is Gardener's Delight. I believe it is a tall growing variety with bite sized fruit of an excellent flavour. I'll have to let you know what I think of it.  

My last choice for this season is Florida Basket. This is a miniature tomato plant growing no taller that 8 inches high but bearing full sized cherry fruit which has a sweet delicious flavour.

That completes my choice of this season, seven different varieties of which I may grow one to two plants.  

I hope you enjoy choosing your plants as much as I do - Happy Gardening!

All photographs are taken by Helen

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