Tuesday, October 18, 2016

More Peas Please!

Having already grown my winter peas and harvested them, the variety being Willow, and very yummy they were. (You can find my tips on growing peas here: Easy Peasy ,) I decided to get in a late crop with the hopes of having peas by Christmas.

The variety I have planted is an old heirloom called Purple Podded.  This variety is believed, according to my Diggers Seed Catalogue, to have been grown by Capuchin monks in the 16th century.  Apparently they are consider the best variety for drying and using in soups etc.
But of course can be eaten like normal peas if you pick them when ready rather than leaving them to dry.

The flower to this variety is very pretty.  It has a soft shade of pink on the top petals and a deeper shade, almost maroon, don't you think, below.

These beautiful flowers are followed by striking purple pods, that look just fabulous hanging  there getting fatter by the day.                                           

Finally when the pods have swelled out, the peas will be ready to harvest. The peas contained within, are green just like any other pea.

I'm excited to try this variety for the first time and with any luck I should be eating peas for my Christmas dinner!

So why settle for just one crop of peas when you can have another a little later in the year.  Happy Gardening!

Photographs are taken by Helen.

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