Saturday, February 18, 2017


Photo by Helen 

Who doesn't love the taste of organically grown just pulled from the garden carrots? When you've grown you own, you really get to see what a carrot should taste like. There are many varieties to choose from and whether you prefer baby ones or fully grown, why not get planting some for yourself!

Growing carrots is very easy and there are just a couple of rules to follow. Now I have heard that you should plant seed where they are to crop as they don't like transplanting. However, I rarely do this, preferring to grow my seed in a punnet and then transplant to their growing position. I have never had any trouble doing it this way. So, as far as I'm concerned, both methods work. There is one advantage to growing in a punnet and that is you can space out when transplanting, thus avoiding thinning out and attracting the dreaded carrot fly. Carrot flies, I believe, are attached to the smell when you thin out. Anyway I have never had a problem with these pests.

Now carrots do like a friable soil, so you should dig your ground over well and remove any stones that might get in the way of the roots.  Also freshly manured ground doesn't seem to suit carrots causing them to form those funny roots we all have a laugh about. It might be better to prepare your ground a couple of months before, or wait until your seedlings are well established and then introduce a liquid fertiliser. Also a regular feed will benefit your crop. 

The other good thing about growing carrots is that you can leave them in the ground until you want them, harvesting as you go.  Of course though, the longer you leave them the bigger they grow.

So why not have a go at growing your own.  If you don't have a space in your garden, you can always try one of the smaller varieties, such as 'Little Fingers,' in a pot filled with good potting mix and placed in a sunny position.  

Carrots are not only delicious to eat but are also very healthy for you as they contain beta-carotene and a supply of antioxidants - there's another reason to grow your own.

Go on have a go!  Happy Gardening this autumn.

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